Don't call it useless - the name app


Be your own Guru

Back in the day people had to go through a lot of trouble including long journies to far away places to meet a Guru and receive an indian name.

Today, most of us do not have time for these things. Luckily you can use our "AI Guru" to generate your own indian name instantly.
As a bonus it comes with your own avatar. 🕉

For other occasions you might be in need of a hippie name or a very traditional sounding German name. It's all here and it's all free. Just:

Don't call it useless! :)

Create your instant hippie name

You never know when you wil be needing a good hippie name. Could be for a party or on your next trip to California, Stonehenge or the Burning Man Festival

Get it now including your individual Hippie avatar.

Or go back to creating your Indian name or a very harsh sounding German name

Bring out the German in you

Create your fancy German name for any occasion: Oktoberfest, Halloween - or just to sound scary and weird.

Introduce yourself to Germans with your new German name and watch the reactions...

Or go back to creating your hippie name or a very traditional sounding Indian name

My Indian name
My Hippie name
My German name